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Humidor Maintanance

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Humidor Maintenance

Humidor Maintenance The first and most important step in maintaining a humidor is to properly season a new humidor. 1. Make sure there is nothing in the humidor take out the humidifier and if applicable the dividers and or trays. 2. Take a clean wet cloth or sponge “use distilled water” wipe down the entire interior of the humidor including the lid and the seals on the side.

3 Fill up the humidifier with either distilled water or humidor care solution, based on user  prefrence. Make sure to leave the humidifier upside down in a towel to allow the excess solution to spill out. 4. Close the box and leave it over night.

5. Now repeat steps 1-4 again for a second time and leave for a second night. 6. Take out the hydrometer wrap it up with a very wet moist cloth leave for 10 mins.

7. The hydrometer should show almost 100% humidity, this is proof that your meter is now activated. 8. Replace hydrometer in humidor, refill the humidifier with the solution of your choice 9. Now your ready to keep your cigars humidified. 10. Remember to refill your humidifier every week to ensure a constant humidity

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