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Why Cuban?

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Why Cuban cigars are considered the best ?

Why are Cubans so prestigious in the Cigar World? Many people consider Cuban cigars to be the best in the world, and no doubt, here at CubanBest we definitely agree. There is some added allure to the product due to the embargo placed on them in the US back in the fifties, but this in not the only reason these cigars are so sought after all over the world.

Cuban cigars are considered the most flavor packed cigars due to the soil that the tobacco is grown in. The majority of Cuban tobacco is produced in the Vuelta Abajo region in Cuba. This region has the perfect soil and climate to produce the most flavorful tobacco, used for rolling only Cubans. A Cuban Cigar also has three main components. The filler, binder and wrapper tobacco. Non Cuban cigars get most of their flavor from the outer components. Cuban cigars are flavor packed from the inside-out giving them a fullness and character that is incomparable in the cigar world.

The best way to understand what all the hype is about is really just to try one for yourself. Cuban Cigars are an experience not to be missed by any cigar lover, connoisseur or not!

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