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S.T. Dupont travel cigar humidor. Ergonomic format, sleek design. Exterior in khaki grained leather, interior in solid Okoumé wood.

Top-to-bottom magnetic opening system, can hold up to 8 cigars.


  • Ref : 001356

    Dimensions : 210x195x50mm

    Materials: Okoume wood, leather

    Weight : 535 g

  • Their delicacy as well as the presence of certain natural disparities (veins, wrinkles, grains, etc.) are the mark of authenticity of S.T Dupont articles.

    To preserve its beauty over the years, leather requires special care. Please follow the care instructions below:

    Avoid prolonged exposure to light, heat and humidity. Avoid contact with grease, make-up products and solvents. We strongly advise against the use of wax, soap or waterproofing products. If you come into contact with these products, wipe lightly with a soft, light-coloured cloth. Please take care not to scratch or rub your product against abrasive surfaces. Avoid prolonged contact with materials likely to transfer their colour pigment, especially light-coloured leathers.

    The lining of S.T Dupont products is special and made from the finest textiles. It is treated to ensure that the colour pigments are stable. 

    However, there is always a risk of colour migration. When you are not using your product, please store it in the felt provided at the time of purchase. 

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