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The new S.T. Dupont collection draws inspiration from Japanese woodblock prints, specifically the koi fish, a symbol of courage and perseverance. An captivating collection that pays tribute to the beauty of nature.

Large ashtray decorated with the koi fish motif, hand-gilded details.


  • REF: 006497

    DIMENSIONS 220 x 170 x 40mm

    MATERIAL Porcelaine

    WEIGHT 610g

  • S.T. Dupont’s accessories are crafted by our artisans with the utmost care. 

    We recommend following these care tips to maintain their shine over time: 

    Clean all surfaces with a soft cloth. Do not use solvent-based products. 

    We strongly advise not putting ashtrays in the dishwasher; this could damage them. 

    Sharpening the blades of our cigar cutters is not recommended. 

    Clean lacquered surfaces as you would eyeglass lenses; fog them up, and wipe with a soft cloth. Lacquer is almost completely acid-proof. It is particularly resistant to shocks, scratches, friction, and water. 


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