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Discover S.T. Dupont’s discreet, powerful and perfectly ergonomic Minijet lighters. Previously produced abroad, the new generation of pocket lighters by S.T. Dupont is now made in France, the Maison’s home since its creation in 1872.

The Matt series evokes the world of sports, speed and power. It was designed for people who aren’t afraid to take risks. 

Other items in the collection include cigar cases, a cigar cutter, Slim 7 and Minijet lighters and the Line D writing instrument line.

Gas refill: black (REF 000430)



     Dimensions : L 55 x l 33 x h 12 mm

     Material : Red and black matte lacquered finish

    Weight : 50 g


  • Your S.T. Dupont lighter does not need much maintenance. To restore its original shine, you can clean all types of coating using a soft cloth (never use solvent-based products). 
    For all silver-plated parts, use a special silversmith’s cloth, available commercially. 
    For all natural lacquer parts, do as you would for glasses lenses or jewellery. Mist up the surface and rub with a soft cloth. The lacquer is practically impregnable by acids. It is incredibly hard and resistant to impacts, scratches, friction and water.

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